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Evolution Diet

Evolution Diet is an award-winning vegan dog and cat food manufacturer that makes a very wide variety of vegan kibble, wet food, treats, and supplements. All of their dog and cat foods are plant-based and completely free of animal products.

Evolution Diet pet food is nutritionally complete, so it contains all of the proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that your companion animal needs to be happy and healthy. It’s also suitable for all life stages, from puppies to senior dogs. It is available as dry kibble and in cans. 

Evolution Diet vegan status

Does Evolution Diet make vegan products?

Yes, Evolution Diet makes kibble, canned food, treats, and supplements that are plant-based and do not contain any animal products.

Are all Evolution Diet products vegan?

Yes, all of the products made by Evolution Diet are vegan and do not contain meat or other animal-derived ingredients.

Is Evolution Diet a vegan business?

Yes, Evolution Diet is privately owned, and is not owned by a parent corporation or business. The company regularly donates to animal sanctuaries and vegan causes.

What you need to know about Evolution Diet

Evolution Diet has been around for more than 30 years and they are pioneers of the vegan dog food movement. On their website they describe themselves as “the world’s first vegan pet food company,” and their founder, Eric Weisman, is a trailblazer for many of the other vegan pet options now available.

The Evolution Diet formula is nutritionally complete and provides all of the protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other ingredients that dogs and cats need to live healthy, happy, long lives. Evolution is also suitable for all life stages of dogs, from puppies, through pregnant dogs, to seniors. The food is organic, non-GMO, and does not contain any artificial preservatives.

Evolution Diet manufactures all of its products in the U.S., and use only high-quality, clean ingredients grown in the U.S. and Canada. The main ingredients of the Evolution Diet include oats, corn, soybeans, pea protein, and potatoes. Evolution Diet has received many international awards for excellence and scientific achievement in the field of dog and cat nutrients and pet food.

Evolution Diet has many products available on their website including vegan dog kibble in three flavors; canned foods in various flavors; extra flavoring that can be sprinkled on foods; supplements; cranberry treats; and sweet potato treats. Somewhat uniquely, Evolution also offers free consultations with its founder, Eric Weisman.

Evolution Diet supports local and national no-kill sanctuaries, animal rights groups, and individuals through free food donations, funding, and health care. Organizations they support include Poultry Concerns, Go Vegan Radio, and the Animal Rights Coalition.

Highlights on Evolution Diet’s website include a comprehensive history and approach for the company, a vegan pet food blog, and the ability to get a free consultation for your pet’s dietary and nutritional needs.  

Evolution Diet vegan pet food product information

Types of products made by Evolution Diet

Evolution Diet makes dry kibble, wet canned food, flavorings, supplements, and treats. 

How to buy Evolution Diet products

You can buy Evolution Diet products directly from their website or via some online stores.  

Countries where Evolution Diet products are available

Evolution Diet is available in the U.S. via their website, Amazon, Eco Dogs and Cats, and Vegan Essentials. Evolution can also be shipped around the world, although delivery to some destinations may take several weeks.  

Popular Evolution Diet products

Evolution Diet Gourmet Fondue

$90 per bag, $2.25 per lb.

Evolution Diet Gourmet Fondue is a lower-price, nutritionally complete, AAFCO-certified vegan dog food from a vegan manufacturer. It receives fair reviews from Amazon. Learn about Gourmet Fondue.

Evolution Diet Maximum Life

$120 per bag, $3.05 per lb.

Evolution Diet Gourmet Maximum Life is a mid-to-high price, nutritionally complete, AAFCO-certified vegan dog food from a vegan manufacturer. It does not contain any GMOs. Learn about Gourmet Maximum Life.

Evolution Ultra Life Organic

$170 per bag, $4.25 per lb.

Evolution Diet Gourmet Ultra Life Organic is a higher-price, nutritionally complete, AAFCO-certified vegan dog food from a vegan manufacturer. It is entirely organic and does not contain any GMOs. Learn about Gourmet Ultra Life Organic.

Evolution Diet contact details

Evolution Diet website

Evolution Diet customer service details

  • Phone: 651 228 0632

Evolution Diet social media details

  • Evolution Diet does not have a social media presence

Frequently asked questions about Evolution Diet

Is Evolution Diet completely vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes. All of Evolution’s products are vegan and contain no natural, derived, or other animal products in their food.

Can a dog survive on Evolution Diet?

Yes. The Evolution Diet formula was developed by Eric Weisman and it is “nutritionally complete.” This means it has all of the necessary protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that a dog needs to thrive. Evolution Diet food meets all of the nutrient profile requirements from the Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Evolution food is suitable for cats and dogs at all life stages (infant, growing, adult, and senior).

Is Evolution Diet good for my dog?

Yes. Plant-based dog food can lessen health problems, help with disease, and reduce allergies.

But doesn’t my dog need meat?

What a dog needs is nutrition, as long as their nutritional needs are met, dogs can live very healthy, happy lives on a plant-based diet. Although dogs are omnivores, and their distant ancestors did need meat to survive, modern domestic dogs are completely able to eat and thrive on vegan dog food. The gut enzymes and genomes of dogs have evolved to let them eat and easily digest plant-based starches, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains.

Will my dog get enough protein from Evolution dog food?

Yes. Evolution provides complete, high quality, bio-available, and easily digestible protein and other nutrition.

Where is Evolution based?

They’re located in Minneapolis.

Is Kindly Geek associated with Evolution?

No, we’re just here to provide options on the types of vegan dog food available for your pup. Please note that some links on this website may be affiliate links, but this never influences our commitment to provide you with the best vegan information. Everything we say on Kindly Geek is independent of any type of affiliate relationship we may have with any business.

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